Not Have Commitments At 30

You have turned 30. You have surprised yourself by being happy that in the nostalgic concert you are going to have seats. Your Facebook has been colonized by baby photos for a while. To increase your security in yourself you have to visit the page prop31facts for more information of personal improvement.

You watch how the inspiring 40-year-old drunkard from the bar dances while you think there is still hope for you. Suddenly you like to eat. You like it so really that it is your main source of excitement. Oh, and of course the hangovers have been going on for two days and begin to tread painfully on the border of the three. It is that harsh moment in which you ask yourself for the first time what your parents did at your age. And yes, they had a fixed job, a house and even several churumbeles, you included. In return, you have the clearest things, you do not care too much what others think and, with a little luck, you have reached that round age without a girlfriend. And now I explain why it is a luck.

1. You sleep for two. We assume that if you have done well you have reached 30 with a mattress that tends to two meters in length. No girlfriend, your side of the bed is all sides. The “diagonal” option, once the tests, is abandoned only by True Love. And by the way, she is also going to need true love and true patience to dethrone in your bed the expansionist “Spiderman” posture that accompanies sleeping diagonally.

2. You are the guard friend. You’re that guy you can call any day at any time to leave. You are available in five minutes and without consulting anyone. There is always a friend with marital problems (they take turns) who loves you for it and invites you to a couple of rounds.

3. You get a fashion touch. Forget about long talks about how to combine colors and when it’s time to throw in your favorite shirt. The lesson for the thirty-year-old single is empirical, it is varied and it is precisely the fashion that you like, the interior. The girls who visit you will give it to you. If you learn to distinguish a corset from a body of Lily Blossom it has already been worth it to reach 30 with the eagerness explorer intact.

4. Dressing is an elevator ride. Preparing to leave is a simple act in two steps: a) pick up the pants from the floor and b) finish the shirt in the elevator. You do not even need a mirror.

5. You save pasta. It does not matter that with your last girlfriend you paid half. There are expenses that you save, like the gifts of varied anniversaries and invented parties (imagine you had to celebrate Valentine’s next week). Also the dinners in Japanese and the grand reserve wines with golden label for when you ate at your parents’ house. That pasta you can now invest in gyms, apothecary and, ahem, pay rent alone, those things so typical of the 30.

6. Only funny photos come from your whatsapp. Nothing to worry about the time of connection or the appropriate amount of hearts and kisses. Now opening the WhatsApp is a virile experience full of July churches, paquirrines and short conversations of the type “At 9”, “Where?”, “Well, where will it be”.

7. You do not need to recharge your phone three times a day. The talks are 30 seconds and are concentrated in the rush hour before leaving.

8. It improves your eyesight. You can look at all the girls in the bar up to the limits set by decorum. That widens your night vision, the panoramic, the zoom, the far and, with a little luck, the close up.

9. Every girl you sleep with is your girlfriend. Short and successive brides. It makes the sentimental market more flexible.

10. You can have your mind blank as much as you want. Or let it roam everything without direction you want for territories as gulf and superficial as you are capable. Nobody is going to ask you “what do you think”.

11. You can move by any bullshit. To a country from which you have seen a photo, to the neighborhood that is around your favorite bar, to the city of your soccer team, to the beach where you will develop your vocation as a professional surfer.

12. You are comfortable with your guilt. Okay, the next morning comes that arg moment in which the memories of what you did last night fall like hammer blows of Thor in your hangover head. But at least you handle it alone, without an echo that reminds you of all the embarrassing details.

13. Self-service Sex is not negotiable

14. You will not forget any important date. If forgetting does not matter, there is no one to remind you that you have forgotten it.

Help Your Child Succeed In School

Parents are the first teachers and those who exert the most influence in the lives of children. For more help on issues of yours and your children’s improvement go to this website risealarm.

That is why it is very important for parents to develop and maintain strong links with their children’s schools.

When parents and families become involved in schools, children tend to stand out more and their opinions about school are more positive. In order for children to be successful in school, parents and families must be actively involved in children’s learning. In fact, many scientific studies show that what the family does is more important for the school success of the children than the level of family income or the educational level of the parents. Here are 20 ways you can help your child succeed in school.


Develop a strong collaboration with your child’s teachers and the teaching staff

  1. Meet with your child’s teacher. As soon as the school year begins, find a way to meet with your child’s teacher and let them know you want to help your child learn. Tell him clearly that if he perceives that a problem arises, you want to know it immediately. Talking with your child’s teacher offers many ideas for starting a collaboration.


If you need it, use an interpreter. Please, do not let the language barrier stop you. What you have to say is much more important than the language in which you say it! Find someone at the school who can serve you as an interpreter. In general, you can find a teacher or parent liaison who speaks Spanish. You can also ask a friend or relative to interpret.


  1. Learn who is who in your child’s school. At your child’s school there are many people dedicated to helping you learn, grow socially and emotionally, and move through the school environment. Who is who in your child’s school is a select list of teaching and administrative staff as well as district-level organizations. Each school is different, but this article will offer a general introduction to the people who work at your child’s school.


  1. Attend parent-teacher conferences, and stay in touch throughout the school year. Schools usually offer one or two conferences for parents annually. You can go with someone who serves as an interpreter or you can ask the school to provide it to you. You may also request to meet with your child’s teacher at any time during the year. If something worries you and you can not meet in person, send a short note or schedule a brief talk over the phone. Suggestions for the success of parent-teacher conferences at your child’s school offers some ideas for preparing for these meetings.


Tourists Looking For Typical Food

Gastronomy has already become another reason to choose a destination when planning a trip. In fact, four out of ten travelers (41%, in contrast to 29% in 2017) are planning to add more destinations where they can eat and drink to travel plans for next year, according to data from booking. If you want more travel tips and good meals abroad, you can visit this page festaeuropa.

In fact, the aforementioned travel portal has analyzed the opinions of 19,000 travelers from 26 different countries and has combined it with the information of its own analysts to reveal the gastronomic trends of 2018.

Local food, priority of tourists

The study reveals that in 2018 typical food will be the biggest complaint, as two thirds (64%) of travelers want to try more local food. The food will be a decisive factor when making decisions about the trip. One in five (22%) plans to visit a specific destination just for their food, and a quarter (25%) will actively avoid destinations that do not have an important gastronomic scene.

On the other hand, almost three out of ten travelers (29%) will choose their destination based on the comments of the restaurants in the area. On the other hand, almost a third of travelers (31%) plan to take more photos of the food when they travel in 2018 and post them on social networks.

The results of the study also reveal that half of the travelers (51%) go in search of food stalls, being the destinations recommended by travelers for this effect Bangkok (Thailand), Taipei (Taiwan), Hanoi , (Vietnam), Istanbul (Turkey) and George Town (Malaysia).

In 2018, one in five (23%) will go in search of restaurants with Michelin stars in destinations that users highlight as Rome (Italy), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Paris (France), São Paulo (Brazil) and London, United Kingdom).

As for the gastronomic experience, almost half of the users (49%) affirm that when they travel they will be more daring when it comes to trying other types of cuisine, and 54% want to live more unique culinary experiences during the holidays.

Tone Your Arms

How to tone your arms as you tone your arms

The good weather is approaching and it’s time to change thick turtlenecks for light shirts that reveal something else, inevitably the question arises, do we have our arms in tune? For more information on how to be more beautiful to get well in the photos go to this page lovesylviaphoto.

If the answer is no, calm, you are still on time, you just have to dedicate (from now) a few minutes to the execution of this table for arms and you will get, before the arrival of summer, look toned arms and no trace of flaccidity.

Exercises to tone the arms

They are only four and very simple, we show them below:

1st Exercise

On a step he flexes once each knee holding a ball high with his hands

2nd Exercise

Raises and lowers the knee alternately with a small weight on the ankle

3rd Exercise

Fexiona the knees alternating left and right with small weights in the hands

4th Exercise

Sit and stand holding a low-weight bar in a horizontal position

As you see, they are simple and will not take too much time, however, before starting any routine to lose weight or tone the arms, it is necessary to understand what is the real problem that we must solve, lack of toning, water retention, flaccidity … In this video tutorial you will learn the types of activity that you must perform in each case.


Another simple exercise that consists of raising the arms laterally, is enough with ten repetitions.

1º Standing, bend your arms slightly in front of the body.

2º Separate them laterally until your elbows are at shoulder height.

3º While you are raising your arms, turn your wrists (movement to empty glasses) so that when you finish the movement your little finger is higher than the rest of the fingers, this way you will prevent your elbow from moving.


The last but not least, with them we will perform hip extension with elbows supported.

1º Get down on all fours with your forearms supported.

2º Raise the leg until your knee is at the same level as your cadea.

3º When you lower it, do not completely support the knee on the ground, only touch it lightly. Perform twenty repetitions.


How To Combine Colors

On more than one occasion we have gone crazy trying to combine the colors of our clothes, sometimes just a little good taste and Common sense, others is not so easy. In case one of these occasions happens again, we offer you a small guide with some rules that maybe can make your life easier. How to have more fashion information and news go to this page bluepearls.

Basic rules to combine the colors of clothes

∙ Avoid wearing clothes that have two similar colors but different tonality.

∙ Combine the color of the shirt with that of the scarf, scarf, purse or belt; If you wear a dress, combine only the accessories with each other.

∙ Combine the colors of the bag with those of the shoes.

∙ An alternative to the previous rule, use two colors for the purse and shoes that combine with each other; to complete the look, the accessories

(earrings, necklaces or bracelets) must have the same tone of bag or shoes.

∙ Combine the makeup with the clothes and accessories chosen, a good option is the eye shadow of the same tone as the shirt or sweater.

∙ In the face of indecision you can always choose jeans that combine with everything.

Remember that when purchasing a new garment you must take into account the colors of those that already occupy your wardrobe, thus increasing the possible combinations.

There are people who use the Itten circle (used by designers and artists) to observe how colors match each other.

How to combine colors of clothes

Black garments

The black garments are the easiest to combine; Easily adpatan to almost all the colors, except to those with a tonality

too dark as blue night or chocolate. The black is the color of the elagancia, in addition it is slimming.

Garments in gray

Gray is also a color that combines with almost all colors, black, blue, green, some brown, but especially with reds like bordeaux or garnet. It is also possible to combine gray with colors of the same tone (from light gray to darker). It can also be combined with night blue or navy blue.

Garments in brown

This color is difficult to combine and adapts very well to those of the same color but different tone or those of natural tones such as beige, earth or sand. It could never be combined with navy blue.


Be A Good Soccer Defender

Good air play, strong punching and speed in the closures are some of the characteristics that you must possess to stand out in the first zone of the field. For more blog and news information go to this page evolstyle.

No matter what position you play in, there are many techniques you need to master; the location if you are a goalkeeper, synchronization in a sweep if you are a defender, give the precise pass if you are a midfielder and outsmart your marker if you are an attacker, are just some of the many and diverse skills in which soccer players must possess .

Aware of this, during the next few days I will be sharing a series of articles that will help improve each of the positions within a playing field, so following these tips may be better athletes. In this opportunity I will give some tips to be a good defense of football that will surely lead you to be as good as your idols Carles Puyol, Sergio Ramos and Fabio Cannavaro, among others.

Lateral defense

Either on the right or the left, the first responsibility of the tip marker is to close its lateral. This means preventing the striker or midfielder traveling in their area from reaching the end line to send a center, and above all, preventing them from entering the area with a dominated ball. When the center comes from the other end, the side is in charge of marking the opponent who waits at the second post, without losing sight of it by observing the trajectory of the ball.

Not only the defense lives on the side. It should also be projected to help your team “open the court” in attack. This means that when receiving the ball in the opposite field on his band, he forces the opposing team to mark him, which in turn opens spaces for the teammates on the sideline. Your offensive task does not end there. The side should try to bring danger to the opponent’s area with centers for the strikers. Since the most dangerous center is the one that is sent from the depths of the opponent’s field, he should try to reach the bottom line.

When a teammate has the ball in a rival field, the side can try a diagonal to the area to win the back of the defense and appear by surprise to the goalkeeper. Each escalation of the lateral means that a partner must relieve him in his defensive tasks, or even that his zone is released for a counterattack. Therefore, the lateral should not be projected by obligation in each offensive play of his team, but with conviction and surprise. And if it is the left side, for example, it should only be projected if the right-back has not done so. If one goes, the other stays.


Indie Music

Lately we have heard this term everywhere. Word and style are in vogue, however, some really know what it means to be indie. For more news go to this page of new 3eighteenmedia.


The term “indie” comes from the independent word, and all the music that reaches the public by its own means, that is, without a record label that supports them, falls into this category.


They are groups that focus on underlining their own style, showing the music that they like to create without depending on global trends or a brand that fits them in a certain genre. Their music could enter the category of cult, because they only reach those fans that go beyond the commercial.


Characteristics to be “indie”


There are certain guidelines that characterizes indie groups:


When the group is not linked to circuits of the music market or the sound or advertising diffusion. That is, they are the ones who promote their music with their own means.

When it is done with a purely artistic and non-commercial vocation.

When the style or music of the band does not fit into any parameters of commercial labels. I mean, if it’s not pop, or rock, or salsa … but all that together, it’s indie.

When the record label that edits the recordings or promotes the concerts is small or amateur. That is to say, it is not Sony, nor Warner, nor Universal.

When the entire artistic process is controlled and supervised by the musicians themselves, and the conditions of marketing departments or media do not interfere.


Many of the bands we hear began within the indie movement, such as “Foster the People” (Pumped up Kicks), but they reap such success that they are absorbed by a label and lose their independent character.


Throughout history, many genres and bands have been classified as “indies” because of their innovative nature and because they presented alternative proposals to what was known at that time. Thus began genres such as reggae, or grunge, which they were gaining audience with their private label and the big firms were interested and hired artists to produce them.


Indie Music


Currently there are many bands that play this type of music, and thanks to electronic media and social networks have managed to place themselves in the taste of followers of this genre.


Good Journalism

A journalism student from the University of Pamplona had the generosity to choose me as his interlocutor with the pretext of knowing me and putting together “a profile”, taking into account the answers I gave to his questions, one of which was, why had he chosen this office. We speak simply, without any masterly rhetoric.  Access this page for more information campaignforlittlebritain.


By the way, it is opportune to take into account what the writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez said in his speech during the ceremony of the Simón Bolívar National Prize for Journalism in 2015. There is expressed what the function of this aspect of communication should be.


“Good journalism,” says Vásquez, “is today a refuge: in it we protect ourselves from cheap simplification and rampant lying. Good journalism is the first and most efficient form of control that we citizens have, our first bulwark against the abuses of power that our powerful people commit every day. Good journalism is the only known antidote against the sad and evident deterioration of the public debate, whose quality, nowadays, is that of a screaming among thugs, and that is too often summed up in a phrase that would not be out of tune with the mouths of a gang member A society without good journalism is at the mercy of the lying trills that are thrown at us every day by the merchants of tension, the rentiers of fear. A society without good journalism is unable to confront the popular fallacies that swarm with impunity in social networks, and therefore becomes servile, because it is too willing to swallow the most grotesque lies. A society without good journalism, in short, is politically lost, and what is worse, morally blind. “


And the lift is completed:


“We, inhabitants of the republics of information, form a great virtual community. Reading the newspaper in the morning is for me what it was for Hegel in that page that Fernando Savater also liked: a morning prayer. But it is a secular and democratic prayer, a true act of communion with people who share a similar version of where we are, and who we are, and what we want. To confront the abuses of power and to control those who exercise it, to dismantle the lies and denounce counterfeits, a journalism with moral, respectable, and therefore fearsome authority is essential.


To Be More Sociable

Being more sociable is a skill you can learn. You do not need any prerequisite to be more sociable, you just need an open mind. to be more sociable and relevant news about business you can visit this website feeds.ramisp.


All you need to be more sociable is to have an open mind and the purpose of changing yourself for the better. These strategies will help you to mold yourself in such a way that you will become not only someone more sociable, but also someone more secure in yourself.


Start from the basics


Forget everything people have told you about being more sociable or meeting people. To learn and understand this concept correctly, it is necessary to split this whole matter of being more sociable into smaller and more manageable parts.


So, to begin with, what does it really mean to be sociable?


Well, in essence, is to feel comfortable in social situations and interactions and have confidence in dealing with people, especially when you meet new people.


Why is being sociable important?


If you do not become a sociable person you will lose a large part of the best of your life. Social maladjustment and shyness can be disabling character traits. So not only will you lose yourself in the good times, you will also lose a lot of good opportunities.


Who can become sociable?


Yes, every person on this planet has the potential to be sociable. Some use this potential and succeed, while others only notice their own anguish and insecurity. It only depends on you to decide what kind of person you want to be.


So now that you understand what it is and what it means to be sociable.


How to be more sociable? Here you will see how.


  1. Smile a lot


Body language is the first step to communication. You have not yet started talking and it is likely that the first thing you do is make eye contact, then smile, then change your direction towards the person, then shake hands, etc.


The main point is that smiling is a fundamental gesture when communicating with another person. Therefore, we are already working on being more outgoing and talkative; work on your smile since this is the first and most important step. You should smile instinctively each time you make eye contact with someone.