Tourists Looking For Typical Food

Gastronomy has already become another reason to choose a destination when planning a trip. In fact, four out of ten travelers (41%, in contrast to 29% in 2017) are planning to add more destinations where they can eat and drink to travel plans for next year, according to data from booking. If you want more travel tips and good meals abroad, you can visit this page festaeuropa.

In fact, the aforementioned travel portal has analyzed the opinions of 19,000 travelers from 26 different countries and has combined it with the information of its own analysts to reveal the gastronomic trends of 2018.

Local food, priority of tourists

The study reveals that in 2018 typical food will be the biggest complaint, as two thirds (64%) of travelers want to try more local food. The food will be a decisive factor when making decisions about the trip. One in five (22%) plans to visit a specific destination just for their food, and a quarter (25%) will actively avoid destinations that do not have an important gastronomic scene.

On the other hand, almost three out of ten travelers (29%) will choose their destination based on the comments of the restaurants in the area. On the other hand, almost a third of travelers (31%) plan to take more photos of the food when they travel in 2018 and post them on social networks.

The results of the study also reveal that half of the travelers (51%) go in search of food stalls, being the destinations recommended by travelers for this effect Bangkok (Thailand), Taipei (Taiwan), Hanoi , (Vietnam), Istanbul (Turkey) and George Town (Malaysia).

In 2018, one in five (23%) will go in search of restaurants with Michelin stars in destinations that users highlight as Rome (Italy), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Paris (France), São Paulo (Brazil) and London, United Kingdom).

As for the gastronomic experience, almost half of the users (49%) affirm that when they travel they will be more daring when it comes to trying other types of cuisine, and 54% want to live more unique culinary experiences during the holidays.