Tone Your Arms

How to tone your arms as you tone your arms

The good weather is approaching and it’s time to change thick turtlenecks for light shirts that reveal something else, inevitably the question arises, do we have our arms in tune? For more information on how to be more beautiful to get well in the photos go to this page lovesylviaphoto.

If the answer is no, calm, you are still on time, you just have to dedicate (from now) a few minutes to the execution of this table for arms and you will get, before the arrival of summer, look toned arms and no trace of flaccidity.

Exercises to tone the arms

They are only four and very simple, we show them below:

1st Exercise

On a step he flexes once each knee holding a ball high with his hands

2nd Exercise

Raises and lowers the knee alternately with a small weight on the ankle

3rd Exercise

Fexiona the knees alternating left and right with small weights in the hands

4th Exercise

Sit and stand holding a low-weight bar in a horizontal position

As you see, they are simple and will not take too much time, however, before starting any routine to lose weight or tone the arms, it is necessary to understand what is the real problem that we must solve, lack of toning, water retention, flaccidity … In this video tutorial you will learn the types of activity that you must perform in each case.


Another simple exercise that consists of raising the arms laterally, is enough with ten repetitions.

1º Standing, bend your arms slightly in front of the body.

2º Separate them laterally until your elbows are at shoulder height.

3º While you are raising your arms, turn your wrists (movement to empty glasses) so that when you finish the movement your little finger is higher than the rest of the fingers, this way you will prevent your elbow from moving.


The last but not least, with them we will perform hip extension with elbows supported.

1º Get down on all fours with your forearms supported.

2º Raise the leg until your knee is at the same level as your cadea.

3º When you lower it, do not completely support the knee on the ground, only touch it lightly. Perform twenty repetitions.