The Best Part Of Being A Regular Reader

Reading is an excellent pastime; That is not a secret. But sometimes, at the end of a long day, it is easier to turn on the TV than to open the novel you so much wanted to start. Do not be deterred! Being a book lover has very important advantages. If you need more information about new things and relevant news you can access this site countmeinblog.


We can start with these sixteen:


You’re never bored Public transport? You take a book Waiting room at the doctor? You take a book Do your friends ignore you because “you never go out” and “you’re always too busy reading”? You can imagine the answer: you take a book.


You have a well-defined system to filter your appointments, but it can also be an inconvenience … The phrase “I do not like to read” is a death sentence for any relationship, even if everything else goes well.


While everyone is limited to living a life (probably boring), you experience hundreds of them and have access to the consciousness of thousands of people. It’s like telepathy, but better.


You learn at the same time that you exercise. And with exercise, we mean holding a book in bed. Your arms acquire an impressive strength.


You can comment on the best best sellers before they have even left.


You have the perfect appointment for each situation. The one of right now would be: “Books are the most portable magic that exists” (Stephen King, As I write).


Also, you have the perfect word to describe each moment. Your vocabulary is stellar.


People do not have to think too much about making a gift.


The different approaches shown by the characters basically serve you as free therapy; You are continually receiving advice on how to live well.


If you run out of coverage or the Internet signal goes out due to bad weather, there is no problem. Anyway, you were planning to stay reading that night.


A better reader is a better writer.


You have a lot of conversation topics in your power.


You do not have to eat your head for the decoration of your house; Your collection of books has the solution.


You have read so many books that you are able to fill your own life with emotion and drama.