Put An End To Bed Bugs

The problem with pesticides and bed bug sprays

Naturally, like most people, I first contacted a professional pest control company. When I personally reviewed the pesticide services for my apartment, no company wanted to guarantee their work and the prices were astronomical. For more information you can access this page about home affairs loveandrespect.

Also, the more I looked, the more I realized that most modern pesticides have no effect on bed bugs.

Bedbug pests have been relatively absent for the past 60 years in modern society, and they are only re-emerging mainly because modern pest controls have no effectiveness in eradicating them. And to complete that these pesticides are not even effective, there is the risk of health damage from the toxic chemicals in the pesticides themselves!

I can not have my baby King James playing on the floor next to the baseboards and touch that Orkin trash and then put his hands to his mouth. Fuck that! So, what else was there apart from pesticides and keeping a clean house?

Expensive heat treatments to kill bed bugs

Many times companies will bring heaters or are sold online to kill bedbugs by reheating them and eventually dying. The heat treatments themselves and the bed bug heaters that are sold online are prohibitively expensive. And again, they do not work to kill all the eggs and prevent the bed bugs from coming back.


I probably went through 100 different solutions for bedbugs that either did not work or were too expensive


All they did was spend my time and money. You probably know how it feels if you’ve dealt with bed bugs before. Here is a list of the ones I tried:


Steam cleaning- I rented a steam cleaner thinking that this would get rid of the bed bugs, but I only ended up with the ones I could see, and they still came back. I got a vacuum cleaner, but that was it.


Exterminators Orkin – Apart from all chemicals, the treatment is expensive as this can cost $ 1,000 per treatment and, again, no existing aerosol is known to eradicate bed bugs completely. They hate it but they will not admit it. In addition, chemicals can be dangerous for animals and people.


Aerosol Dead Bed bug spray- This product did not work for me, and apparently I was not the only one. Bed bug repellent insecticide sprays simply do not work and all available literature supports this fact.