Not Have Commitments At 30

You have turned 30. You have surprised yourself by being happy that in the nostalgic concert you are going to have seats. Your Facebook has been colonized by baby photos for a while. To increase your security in yourself you have to visit the page prop31facts for more information of personal improvement.

You watch how the inspiring 40-year-old drunkard from the bar dances while you think there is still hope for you. Suddenly you like to eat. You like it so really that it is your main source of excitement. Oh, and of course the hangovers have been going on for two days and begin to tread painfully on the border of the three. It is that harsh moment in which you ask yourself for the first time what your parents did at your age. And yes, they had a fixed job, a house and even several churumbeles, you included. In return, you have the clearest things, you do not care too much what others think and, with a little luck, you have reached that round age without a girlfriend. And now I explain why it is a luck.

1. You sleep for two. We assume that if you have done well you have reached 30 with a mattress that tends to two meters in length. No girlfriend, your side of the bed is all sides. The “diagonal” option, once the tests, is abandoned only by True Love. And by the way, she is also going to need true love and true patience to dethrone in your bed the expansionist “Spiderman” posture that accompanies sleeping diagonally.

2. You are the guard friend. You’re that guy you can call any day at any time to leave. You are available in five minutes and without consulting anyone. There is always a friend with marital problems (they take turns) who loves you for it and invites you to a couple of rounds.

3. You get a fashion touch. Forget about long talks about how to combine colors and when it’s time to throw in your favorite shirt. The lesson for the thirty-year-old single is empirical, it is varied and it is precisely the fashion that you like, the interior. The girls who visit you will give it to you. If you learn to distinguish a corset from a body of Lily Blossom it has already been worth it to reach 30 with the eagerness explorer intact.

4. Dressing is an elevator ride. Preparing to leave is a simple act in two steps: a) pick up the pants from the floor and b) finish the shirt in the elevator. You do not even need a mirror.

5. You save pasta. It does not matter that with your last girlfriend you paid half. There are expenses that you save, like the gifts of varied anniversaries and invented parties (imagine you had to celebrate Valentine’s next week). Also the dinners in Japanese and the grand reserve wines with golden label for when you ate at your parents’ house. That pasta you can now invest in gyms, apothecary and, ahem, pay rent alone, those things so typical of the 30.

6. Only funny photos come from your whatsapp. Nothing to worry about the time of connection or the appropriate amount of hearts and kisses. Now opening the WhatsApp is a virile experience full of July churches, paquirrines and short conversations of the type “At 9”, “Where?”, “Well, where will it be”.

7. You do not need to recharge your phone three times a day. The talks are 30 seconds and are concentrated in the rush hour before leaving.

8. It improves your eyesight. You can look at all the girls in the bar up to the limits set by decorum. That widens your night vision, the panoramic, the zoom, the far and, with a little luck, the close up.

9. Every girl you sleep with is your girlfriend. Short and successive brides. It makes the sentimental market more flexible.

10. You can have your mind blank as much as you want. Or let it roam everything without direction you want for territories as gulf and superficial as you are capable. Nobody is going to ask you “what do you think”.

11. You can move by any bullshit. To a country from which you have seen a photo, to the neighborhood that is around your favorite bar, to the city of your soccer team, to the beach where you will develop your vocation as a professional surfer.

12. You are comfortable with your guilt. Okay, the next morning comes that arg moment in which the memories of what you did last night fall like hammer blows of Thor in your hangover head. But at least you handle it alone, without an echo that reminds you of all the embarrassing details.

13. Self-service Sex is not negotiable

14. You will not forget any important date. If forgetting does not matter, there is no one to remind you that you have forgotten it.