Jobs For People Without Time

Create and sell stock photos


You do not have to be a professional photographer to build a separate business selling stock photos. These days, smartphones have a high resolution in their cameras so you no longer need an elegant camera to create photos with good quality. Here 2 jobs that will be useful and also a page for more information on how to be an entrepreneur disavowp3p.


Some non-exclusive websites (that is, you can sell the same photo on different sites) where you can sell your photos include Shutterstock, iStock and Adobe Stock. Once you have been approved as a contributor, you can earn approximately 15 percent of your photos. Other sites like Getty (which pays a lot more per photo) will demand the exclusive rights of your photos.


To get you started, here are some tips from Megan Betteridge, a recently graduated colleague who started selling her photos to earn money: Lighting counts, so if you’re going to take pictures on the street, capture the light in the morning or the sunset. Also, try to think about the needs of photographs that will come with future events, seasons or festivities such as Halloween and Christmas. Finally, specific and well-defined tags are important for your photo to appear in searches. So do not label your picture of a dog and a baby with “dog and baby”. Specify what type of dog it is, what they are doing and whether the baby is a boy or girl.


Manage social networks


Social networks are a highly creative branch. It requires both visual and written skills. You must also master several social media channels as well as different strengths in each tool (Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Snapchat).


The responsibilities of the community managers include creating social network accounts, reviewing the behavior of the audiences (examining the presence of a client in social networks), developing a strategy to create, cure and manage all the content published in the different network accounts. social as well as develop marketing campaigns. Community managers grow support bases in social networks.


There is not a single way to become a community manager. Most of the positions for this full-time job seek people with a degree in communication, journalism or marketing. If you do not have one, look for a freelance job to gain experience and credentials.