Indie Music

Lately we have heard this term everywhere. Word and style are in vogue, however, some really know what it means to be indie. For more news go to this page of new 3eighteenmedia.


The term “indie” comes from the independent word, and all the music that reaches the public by its own means, that is, without a record label that supports them, falls into this category.


They are groups that focus on underlining their own style, showing the music that they like to create without depending on global trends or a brand that fits them in a certain genre. Their music could enter the category of cult, because they only reach those fans that go beyond the commercial.


Characteristics to be “indie”


There are certain guidelines that characterizes indie groups:


When the group is not linked to circuits of the music market or the sound or advertising diffusion. That is, they are the ones who promote their music with their own means.

When it is done with a purely artistic and non-commercial vocation.

When the style or music of the band does not fit into any parameters of commercial labels. I mean, if it’s not pop, or rock, or salsa … but all that together, it’s indie.

When the record label that edits the recordings or promotes the concerts is small or amateur. That is to say, it is not Sony, nor Warner, nor Universal.

When the entire artistic process is controlled and supervised by the musicians themselves, and the conditions of marketing departments or media do not interfere.


Many of the bands we hear began within the indie movement, such as “Foster the People” (Pumped up Kicks), but they reap such success that they are absorbed by a label and lose their independent character.


Throughout history, many genres and bands have been classified as “indies” because of their innovative nature and because they presented alternative proposals to what was known at that time. Thus began genres such as reggae, or grunge, which they were gaining audience with their private label and the big firms were interested and hired artists to produce them.


Indie Music


Currently there are many bands that play this type of music, and thanks to electronic media and social networks have managed to place themselves in the taste of followers of this genre.