How To Combine Colors

On more than one occasion we have gone crazy trying to combine the colors of our clothes, sometimes just a little good taste and Common sense, others is not so easy. In case one of these occasions happens again, we offer you a small guide with some rules that maybe can make your life easier. How to have more fashion information and news go to this page bluepearls.

Basic rules to combine the colors of clothes

∙ Avoid wearing clothes that have two similar colors but different tonality.

∙ Combine the color of the shirt with that of the scarf, scarf, purse or belt; If you wear a dress, combine only the accessories with each other.

∙ Combine the colors of the bag with those of the shoes.

∙ An alternative to the previous rule, use two colors for the purse and shoes that combine with each other; to complete the look, the accessories

(earrings, necklaces or bracelets) must have the same tone of bag or shoes.

∙ Combine the makeup with the clothes and accessories chosen, a good option is the eye shadow of the same tone as the shirt or sweater.

∙ In the face of indecision you can always choose jeans that combine with everything.

Remember that when purchasing a new garment you must take into account the colors of those that already occupy your wardrobe, thus increasing the possible combinations.

There are people who use the Itten circle (used by designers and artists) to observe how colors match each other.

How to combine colors of clothes

Black garments

The black garments are the easiest to combine; Easily adpatan to almost all the colors, except to those with a tonality

too dark as blue night or chocolate. The black is the color of the elagancia, in addition it is slimming.

Garments in gray

Gray is also a color that combines with almost all colors, black, blue, green, some brown, but especially with reds like bordeaux or garnet. It is also possible to combine gray with colors of the same tone (from light gray to darker). It can also be combined with night blue or navy blue.

Garments in brown

This color is difficult to combine and adapts very well to those of the same color but different tone or those of natural tones such as beige, earth or sand. It could never be combined with navy blue.