Help Your Child Succeed In School

Parents are the first teachers and those who exert the most influence in the lives of children.¬†For more help on issues of yours and your children’s improvement go to this website risealarm.

That is why it is very important for parents to develop and maintain strong links with their children’s schools.

When parents and families become involved in schools, children tend to stand out more and their opinions about school are more positive. In order for children to be successful in school, parents and families must be actively involved in children’s learning. In fact, many scientific studies show that what the family does is more important for the school success of the children than the level of family income or the educational level of the parents. Here are 20 ways you can help your child succeed in school.


Develop a strong collaboration with your child’s teachers and the teaching staff

  1. Meet with your child’s teacher. As soon as the school year begins, find a way to meet with your child’s teacher and let them know you want to help your child learn. Tell him clearly that if he perceives that a problem arises, you want to know it immediately. Talking with your child’s teacher offers many ideas for starting a collaboration.


If you need it, use an interpreter. Please, do not let the language barrier stop you. What you have to say is much more important than the language in which you say it! Find someone at the school who can serve you as an interpreter. In general, you can find a teacher or parent liaison who speaks Spanish. You can also ask a friend or relative to interpret.


  1. Learn who is who in your child’s school. At your child’s school there are many people dedicated to helping you learn, grow socially and emotionally, and move through the school environment. Who is who in your child’s school is a select list of teaching and administrative staff as well as district-level organizations. Each school is different, but this article will offer a general introduction to the people who work at your child’s school.


  1. Attend parent-teacher conferences, and stay in touch throughout the school year. Schools usually offer one or two conferences for parents annually. You can go with someone who serves as an interpreter or you can ask the school to provide it to you. You may also request to meet with your child’s teacher at any time during the year. If something worries you and you can not meet in person, send a short note or schedule a brief talk over the phone. Suggestions for the success of parent-teacher conferences at your child’s school offers some ideas for preparing for these meetings.