Good Journalism

A journalism student from the University of Pamplona had the generosity to choose me as his interlocutor with the pretext of knowing me and putting together “a profile”, taking into account the answers I gave to his questions, one of which was, why had he chosen this office. We speak simply, without any masterly rhetoric.  Access this page for more information campaignforlittlebritain.


By the way, it is opportune to take into account what the writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez said in his speech during the ceremony of the Simón Bolívar National Prize for Journalism in 2015. There is expressed what the function of this aspect of communication should be.


“Good journalism,” says Vásquez, “is today a refuge: in it we protect ourselves from cheap simplification and rampant lying. Good journalism is the first and most efficient form of control that we citizens have, our first bulwark against the abuses of power that our powerful people commit every day. Good journalism is the only known antidote against the sad and evident deterioration of the public debate, whose quality, nowadays, is that of a screaming among thugs, and that is too often summed up in a phrase that would not be out of tune with the mouths of a gang member A society without good journalism is at the mercy of the lying trills that are thrown at us every day by the merchants of tension, the rentiers of fear. A society without good journalism is unable to confront the popular fallacies that swarm with impunity in social networks, and therefore becomes servile, because it is too willing to swallow the most grotesque lies. A society without good journalism, in short, is politically lost, and what is worse, morally blind. “


And the lift is completed:


“We, inhabitants of the republics of information, form a great virtual community. Reading the newspaper in the morning is for me what it was for Hegel in that page that Fernando Savater also liked: a morning prayer. But it is a secular and democratic prayer, a true act of communion with people who share a similar version of where we are, and who we are, and what we want. To confront the abuses of power and to control those who exercise it, to dismantle the lies and denounce counterfeits, a journalism with moral, respectable, and therefore fearsome authority is essential.