Business To Earn Extra Money

Artistic and creative people have skills that can not only lead them to strengthen their salaries, but to have a whole business apart from their work. For more knowledge about business, matters go to this page bloggers4japan.

According to Ryan Nunn, author of the 2017 report of the Brookings Institute, although there are more defined (if not narrow) career paths for graduates of certain engineering careers than for those who studied, let’s say literature or philosophy, professional options for creative people they are as wide as the range of gains they can have, even among those who have the same career. 


However, it is not surprising that the income potential of artistic careers means that not many people choose them. For example, psychologists start earning $ 49,000 a year in the United States. However, therapists have an average income of $ 37 thousand dollars. If having only one job does not pay enough to cover your needs, or if you are thinking like an entrepreneur and want to have multiple sources of income, technology and the Internet have provided us with new ways so that creative and artistic careers can have Several sources of income using digital platforms.


The possibilities of profits are endless. Review these options to discover 14 ideas on how to make money outside of your work.


  1. Give classes online


You can sell your experience by creating courses that are specifically for digital platforms. The work requires considerable work on your part: recording lessons on video, creating a didactic program, writing content and creating tasks. However, once the work is done, you only have to upload your course (study the format and some successful courses to have context) and charge a percentage of the sales of your courses. Payment models vary between different online platforms depending on their business models, (for example, there are monthly subscription models and other payment models per class), but usually you always get a percentage of sales combined with calculated royalties for the minutes of video that were consumed.


Start by researching how to create online courses with the most popular learning portals such as Zeqr, Skillshare, Teachable, Yondo,, Uscre en and Udemy.