Business For Smart People


The job of transcribing is not the most creative, but for writers it is a good way to earn extra money because it is a skill that most writers (especially journalists) already have: writing fast and accurately. For more information on how to be more original you can read articles on this page artspacenyc.

Transcripts can be made from anywhere with the right equipment: laptop, Wi-Fi and headphones. Many of us already have a computer, a word processor, hearing aids and Internet access, so if you already have these things, there is very little way to go to get back a transcriptionist.

In addition to being a fast and precise typer, you need to have basic computer skills, including being able to download files (so that if you do not have an appropriate player on your computer, you can download it), attach files to the emails and send them, and convert any type of text in the format that your client needs.

Work can be done from home and has a lot of autonomy. The speed required varies depending on the company, but the faster the better. The annual salary of a person who transcribes in the United States is “26, 882 dollars. Usually, they pay you depending on how long a file is, not how long it takes to transcribe it.


When you seek employment, emphasize the experience you have transcribing and the computer skills you master. To start your job search, look for “transcribe” or “transcription” on sites like FlexJobs, Glassdoor, Monster, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder and Indeed.


Teach or be a tutor


Teaching and being a tutor are jobs that any career can do, but in any case it is a job that gives a lot of space to creativity. Even if it is for a student to learn certain specific skills, the means to get there allow you a lot of freedom of expression.


Naturally, being a virtual tutor is a very popular way to make money and work from home using tools such as FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts. Most of the tutors’ companies ask you for a master’s degree or some proof of expertise through various tasks or exams. Many tutors’ companies offer convenient training modules.