Business For Smart People


The job of transcribing is not the most creative, but for writers it is a good way to earn extra money because it is a skill that most writers (especially journalists) already have: writing fast and accurately. For more information on how to be more original you can read articles on this page artspacenyc.

Transcripts can be made from anywhere with the right equipment: laptop, Wi-Fi and headphones. Many of us already have a computer, a word processor, hearing aids and Internet access, so if you already have these things, there is very little way to go to get back a transcriptionist.

In addition to being a fast and precise typer, you need to have basic computer skills, including being able to download files (so that if you do not have an appropriate player on your computer, you can download it), attach files to the emails and send them, and convert any type of text in the format that your client needs.

Work can be done from home and has a lot of autonomy. The speed required varies depending on the company, but the faster the better. The annual salary of a person who transcribes in the United States is “26, 882 dollars. Usually, they pay you depending on how long a file is, not how long it takes to transcribe it.


When you seek employment, emphasize the experience you have transcribing and the computer skills you master. To start your job search, look for “transcribe” or “transcription” on sites like FlexJobs, Glassdoor, Monster, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder and Indeed.


Teach or be a tutor


Teaching and being a tutor are jobs that any career can do, but in any case it is a job that gives a lot of space to creativity. Even if it is for a student to learn certain specific skills, the means to get there allow you a lot of freedom of expression.


Naturally, being a virtual tutor is a very popular way to make money and work from home using tools such as FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts. Most of the tutors’ companies ask you for a master’s degree or some proof of expertise through various tasks or exams. Many tutors’ companies offer convenient training modules.

Jobs For People Without Time

Create and sell stock photos


You do not have to be a professional photographer to build a separate business selling stock photos. These days, smartphones have a high resolution in their cameras so you no longer need an elegant camera to create photos with good quality. Here 2 jobs that will be useful and also a page for more information on how to be an entrepreneur disavowp3p.


Some non-exclusive websites (that is, you can sell the same photo on different sites) where you can sell your photos include Shutterstock, iStock and Adobe Stock. Once you have been approved as a contributor, you can earn approximately 15 percent of your photos. Other sites like Getty (which pays a lot more per photo) will demand the exclusive rights of your photos.


To get you started, here are some tips from Megan Betteridge, a recently graduated colleague who started selling her photos to earn money: Lighting counts, so if you’re going to take pictures on the street, capture the light in the morning or the sunset. Also, try to think about the needs of photographs that will come with future events, seasons or festivities such as Halloween and Christmas. Finally, specific and well-defined tags are important for your photo to appear in searches. So do not label your picture of a dog and a baby with “dog and baby”. Specify what type of dog it is, what they are doing and whether the baby is a boy or girl.


Manage social networks


Social networks are a highly creative branch. It requires both visual and written skills. You must also master several social media channels as well as different strengths in each tool (Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Snapchat).


The responsibilities of the community managers include creating social network accounts, reviewing the behavior of the audiences (examining the presence of a client in social networks), developing a strategy to create, cure and manage all the content published in the different network accounts. social as well as develop marketing campaigns. Community managers grow support bases in social networks.


There is not a single way to become a community manager. Most of the positions for this full-time job seek people with a degree in communication, journalism or marketing. If you do not have one, look for a freelance job to gain experience and credentials.

Easy Jobs For Entrepreneurs

Below are ideas on how to earn money without having to work hard, but first go to this page for more information zikweb.



The editing can be a very good job for those who studied languages, journalism or literature, basically for anyone with an affinity to the written language and its rules, and work can be done remotely while you have a computer and Wi-Fi access .


First, find out if you’re good at editing someone else’s work. As an editor, you will receive written material and you will have to check its grammar, spelling, readability and fluency. This is a highly detailed work for people who have enough resources to look for the style and grammar rules they do not know, and also for someone who has high levels of accuracy.


Sometimes, editors are expected to have certain style guides. The industries for which you can work as an editor are varied as printed magazines, financial institutions, newsletters, even advertising or marketing agencies.

Give online advice


As a creative person with communication skills (advertising, marketing, social networks), writing, graphic arts, therapy and more, you can sell your experience online as an advisor and on coaching platforms, something that allows you to register your profile as an expert and leave that the clients come to you or bet on your work. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with Internet access. Be smart to identify your area of expertise and focus on something the market needs and think about how you will publicize your services.


Among the places you can start is the platform, where experts are paid for minutes spoken with clients, by phone or online, or Zeqr, where you can sell your knowledge through online courses. Other places where you can sell your experience are JustAnswer, where potential customers ask questions and registered experts (experts in trials, etc.) bets to answer; Ethel, where you can register and sell your experience through phone calls, emails or through your website; and PrestoExperts, an online service that connects clients who have questions with experts who have answers.


Business To Earn Extra Money

Artistic and creative people have skills that can not only lead them to strengthen their salaries, but to have a whole business apart from their work. For more knowledge about business, matters go to this page bloggers4japan.

According to Ryan Nunn, author of the 2017 report of the Brookings Institute, although there are more defined (if not narrow) career paths for graduates of certain engineering careers than for those who studied, let’s say literature or philosophy, professional options for creative people they are as wide as the range of gains they can have, even among those who have the same career. 


However, it is not surprising that the income potential of artistic careers means that not many people choose them. For example, psychologists start earning $ 49,000 a year in the United States. However, therapists have an average income of $ 37 thousand dollars. If having only one job does not pay enough to cover your needs, or if you are thinking like an entrepreneur and want to have multiple sources of income, technology and the Internet have provided us with new ways so that creative and artistic careers can have Several sources of income using digital platforms.


The possibilities of profits are endless. Review these options to discover 14 ideas on how to make money outside of your work.


  1. Give classes online


You can sell your experience by creating courses that are specifically for digital platforms. The work requires considerable work on your part: recording lessons on video, creating a didactic program, writing content and creating tasks. However, once the work is done, you only have to upload your course (study the format and some successful courses to have context) and charge a percentage of the sales of your courses. Payment models vary between different online platforms depending on their business models, (for example, there are monthly subscription models and other payment models per class), but usually you always get a percentage of sales combined with calculated royalties for the minutes of video that were consumed.


Start by researching how to create online courses with the most popular learning portals such as Zeqr, Skillshare, Teachable, Yondo,, Uscre en and Udemy.


How To Be Creative

To get inspiration, Steve Jobs used to sit on the toilet and put his feet in a bowl of water. Yoshiro Nakamatsum, inventor of the floppy disk, plunged deep into the water until his brain was devoid of oxygen, and then wrote his ideas in a waterproof notebook. For more information on what you want to know and to have more knowledge, go to this page communiqdesign.


It is true, these customs can be somewhat strange. However, there are other strategies that induce creativity and that can be followed by practically anyone. These are six habits that have the power to change the way you relate to creativity. Give them a chance!


Wake up early

Not all creative minds are morning people. Franz Kafka used to stay awake writing, and William Styron (author of The Decision of Sophie, among other best sellers) woke up at noon; his morning routine was to stay another hour in bed to think.


However, most creative thinkers wake up early. This list includes people from Benjamin Franklin to Howard Schultz and Ernest Hemmingway, although not all get up early for the same reasons. Franklin did it to plan his day, while Schultz used the first hours of his day to send motivational emails to his employees. For many creative people, waking up early is a way to avoid distractions. Hemingway woke up at 5 am to start writing. He once said: “At that time nobody bothers you”.


The trick to wake up early is to create the daily habit and avoid naps … no matter how tired you feel. Eventually, you will start going to bed earlier to make up for the lost sleep. This will make you feel somewhat tired at first, but soon you will adjust. And, before you know it, you’ll join the list of creative tomorrows.


Exercise frequently

There is plenty of evidence of the benefits that exercise brings to creativity. Feeling good physically will put you in the mood to concentrate and be productive. Also, the exercise allows you to reflect on what you are working on. A Stanford study revealed that 9 out of 10 people feel more creative after exercising.


It is not surprising that so many successful and creative people have incorporated exercise into their daily routines. Kurt Vonnegut took long walks, swam and did crunches and squats; Richard Branson runs every morning, and composers Beethoven and Tchaikovsky walked daily.


Stick to a strict schedule

Many have the mistaken idea that, to be creative, it is necessary to lead a life without order or structure and without feeling the need to do anything. However, the habits of highly successful and creative people suggest otherwise. In fact, almost all creative people organize their days in a rigorous manner. Psychologist William James described the impact of having a strict schedule on creativity, saying that the simple fact of having a routine can “free our minds to focus on a really interesting field of action”.

Keys To Stay Well Hydrated

A simple search on the Internet about healthy habits yields thousands of results on how to improve food, lifestyle, the exercise we do or even the way we sleep. If you want more information about news and journalism go to this website savepineridge.

However, there is very little information in general about the importance of maintaining a good level of hydration and how to achieve it. Bearing in mind that water is the main component of the human body, neglecting what is drunk influences all the functions of the organism, from cognitive abilities to physical performance.

To compensate for this lack of information, the Water and Health Research Institute has just launched the Hydration Guide. It is about establishing the idea that drinking enough water is as important as following a healthy diet and exercising to enjoy a good state of health.

These are the basic recommendations of the guide:

You have to drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day. That is the amount of fluid that is lost daily. As the body does not have the capacity to store water, it is necessary to restore it.

You can not live without drinking. Although you can survive eight weeks without eating, without water you can only be between three and five days.

You have to drink before you are thirsty. When you feel thirsty we have already lost 1% of body weight in water.

Thirst indicates that it is already late. It is a warning sign of the organism, it is subjective and can be distorted. So it is not reliable. Dehydration may go unnoticed.

Water influences the functioning of the body. A dehydration of 1% affects physical performance, cognitive abilities and mood.


Men have to drink more than women. Women should drink between 2 and 2.5 listers a day. Men from 2.5 to 3. With more than 38ºC of ambient temperature or with 50% of humidity you have to increase the amount to at least 400 ml.


Special care must be taken with children and the elderly. Children are not able to control the mechanism of thirst and the body of elderly people loses the ability to detect dehydration.


The more sport or more heat, the greater the water intake. You have to increase the amount 600 ml for each hour of exercise and 500 ml for each degree of heat above 38 degrees. The amount of water needed can increase to four or six liters with adverse weather (heat or humidity), physical activity or intense body work.

More Polluted Beaches

Before you take a dip in the sea, check that your chosen destination does not appear on this list. For more important news you can go to this page boozynyc.

They say that “In the sea life is tastier”, the problem is when submerging between the waves said beach is a health risk issue due to the high levels of contamination in the water.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) has just revealed what are the 10 most polluted beaches and the 10 cleanest beaches in Mexico. The results were obtained through a study conducted between November and December 2015, which determined that, although all the beaches in the country are suitable for vacationing, the most polluted beach in the country is Tijuana in Baja California, since It is at the top of contaminants for which it is about to be declared “unfit” for recreational use due to the amount of bacteria in the water.

If you want to know what it takes to declare “unfit” to a beach, you should know that according to World Health Organization (WHO), you need to find 200 fecal streptococci and enterococci per 100 milliliters of water (NMP / 100 ml). If a beach exceeds this amount, it is no longer suitable for human habitation, since the risk of acquiring acute febrile gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases increases considerably.

Last year, six beaches in Guerrero and Campeche were considered unsuitable for swimming. Here is the complete list of the 10 dirtiest beaches and the 10 cleanest beaches in Mexico:

1. Tijuana, Baja California has 193 NMP / 100 Ml.

2. Caletilla Beach, in Acapulco, Guerrero, with 110 NMP / 100 Ml.

3. Puerto Morelos Beach, in Cancún, Quintana Roo, with 109 NMP / 100 Ml.

4. Playa Maviri 3, in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, with 102 NMP / 100 Ml.

5. Playa Isla Beach, in Campeche, Campeche, with 92 NMP / 100 Ml.

6. Sayulita Beach, in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, with 96 NMP / 100 Ml.

7. Juluapan, in Manzanillo, Colima, with 94 NMP / 100 Ml.

8. Tlacopanocha Beach, in Acapulco, Guerrero, with 92 NMP / 100 Ml.

9. Boca de Pascuales, in Tecomán, Colima, with 86 NMP / 100 Ml.

10. Las Perlas Beach, in Cancún, Quintana Roo, with 81 NMP / 100 Ml.

On the other hand, of the 268 Mexican beaches where the study was carried out (since they are the most visited by tourists), these are the 10 cleanest:

1. Playa Caletita, in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, with less than 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

2. Rastas Beach, in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, with less than 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

3. Chankanaab Beach, in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, with less than 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

4. Dzul-Ha Beach, in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, with less than 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

5. Las Casitas Beach, in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, with less than 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

6. El Cuyo Beach, in the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, Yucatán, with 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

7. Chelem Beach, in Progreso, Yucatán, with 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

8. Playa La Pesca I, in Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas, with 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

9. Playa El Sol, in Paraíso, Tabasco, with 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

10. Paraíso Mar, in Paraíso, Tabasco, with 10 NMP / 100 Ml.

H & M in Spain

The unions have called an indefinite strike in the only logistics center of H & M in Spain, which is located in the Madrid town of Torrejón de Ardoz, after giving up the negotiation of the negotiating table as it did not reach an agreement with the management of the teaches textiles, as UGT has reported in a statement. for more information you can access this page citizenservicebeforeselfhonors.

In particular, the union has indicated that the discrepancies of the social part with the company are currently at the point of the salary increase that is requested in the trading platform, while the company wants to discriminate against workers who have a plus’ an person ‘.

As reported by UGT, the management of H & M wants to reduce the existing salary difference with meetings in which small increases have been achieved for this group and that they have absorbed and compensated with the convention increases, giving a clear indication of the “little interest” they have had to correct this situation.


The union explained that in the negotiation has raised the percentage increase is higher for workers who have lower wages, so that in the next few years the existing gap is reduced, to equalize this difference in successive years.

“We are not willing to accept this gross blackmail, which is why the call for an indefinite strike continues tomorrow,” they stressed.

The 318 workers of the logistics center will start tomorrow a general strike, after having stopped in April and May, as well as several rallies before the flagship of the firm in Gran Vía in Madrid to defend their rights.


Torrejón de Ardoz logistics center is the only distribution warehouse of the fashion firm in Spain and is responsible for making supplies to stores in Spain and Portugal, and has a space of 36,000 square meters.


The company is committed to “maintain dialogue”

For its part, H & M explained that in the meeting has proposed a salary increase of 15.9% spread over three years that could benefit about half of the workforce, plus a half-year assistance for all staff and functional bonuses for employees who perform administrative tasks.


Put An End To Bed Bugs

The problem with pesticides and bed bug sprays

Naturally, like most people, I first contacted a professional pest control company. When I personally reviewed the pesticide services for my apartment, no company wanted to guarantee their work and the prices were astronomical. For more information you can access this page about home affairs loveandrespect.

Also, the more I looked, the more I realized that most modern pesticides have no effect on bed bugs.

Bedbug pests have been relatively absent for the past 60 years in modern society, and they are only re-emerging mainly because modern pest controls have no effectiveness in eradicating them. And to complete that these pesticides are not even effective, there is the risk of health damage from the toxic chemicals in the pesticides themselves!

I can not have my baby King James playing on the floor next to the baseboards and touch that Orkin trash and then put his hands to his mouth. Fuck that! So, what else was there apart from pesticides and keeping a clean house?

Expensive heat treatments to kill bed bugs

Many times companies will bring heaters or are sold online to kill bedbugs by reheating them and eventually dying. The heat treatments themselves and the bed bug heaters that are sold online are prohibitively expensive. And again, they do not work to kill all the eggs and prevent the bed bugs from coming back.


I probably went through 100 different solutions for bedbugs that either did not work or were too expensive


All they did was spend my time and money. You probably know how it feels if you’ve dealt with bed bugs before. Here is a list of the ones I tried:


Steam cleaning- I rented a steam cleaner thinking that this would get rid of the bed bugs, but I only ended up with the ones I could see, and they still came back. I got a vacuum cleaner, but that was it.


Exterminators Orkin – Apart from all chemicals, the treatment is expensive as this can cost $ 1,000 per treatment and, again, no existing aerosol is known to eradicate bed bugs completely. They hate it but they will not admit it. In addition, chemicals can be dangerous for animals and people.


Aerosol Dead Bed bug spray- This product did not work for me, and apparently I was not the only one. Bed bug repellent insecticide sprays simply do not work and all available literature supports this fact.


The Best Part Of Being A Regular Reader

Reading is an excellent pastime; That is not a secret. But sometimes, at the end of a long day, it is easier to turn on the TV than to open the novel you so much wanted to start. Do not be deterred! Being a book lover has very important advantages. If you need more information about new things and relevant news you can access this site countmeinblog.


We can start with these sixteen:


You’re never bored Public transport? You take a book Waiting room at the doctor? You take a book Do your friends ignore you because “you never go out” and “you’re always too busy reading”? You can imagine the answer: you take a book.


You have a well-defined system to filter your appointments, but it can also be an inconvenience … The phrase “I do not like to read” is a death sentence for any relationship, even if everything else goes well.


While everyone is limited to living a life (probably boring), you experience hundreds of them and have access to the consciousness of thousands of people. It’s like telepathy, but better.


You learn at the same time that you exercise. And with exercise, we mean holding a book in bed. Your arms acquire an impressive strength.


You can comment on the best best sellers before they have even left.


You have the perfect appointment for each situation. The one of right now would be: “Books are the most portable magic that exists” (Stephen King, As I write).


Also, you have the perfect word to describe each moment. Your vocabulary is stellar.


People do not have to think too much about making a gift.


The different approaches shown by the characters basically serve you as free therapy; You are continually receiving advice on how to live well.


If you run out of coverage or the Internet signal goes out due to bad weather, there is no problem. Anyway, you were planning to stay reading that night.


A better reader is a better writer.


You have a lot of conversation topics in your power.


You do not have to eat your head for the decoration of your house; Your collection of books has the solution.


You have read so many books that you are able to fill your own life with emotion and drama.